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You’ve decided it’s time to take the next big step. Maybe you want to buy a new car, get your dream home or even join college to chase your dream career. Whatever it is, it’s the move you’ve been dreaming of for a while. But it also requires a lot of financing; money that you may not entirely have.

So, you do the next best thing and head out to Capital One or your preferred lender to request a loan. It may be an auto loan, student loan, mortgage, or furniture loan, but a loan nonetheless. And as you go through your accounts and sort your documents, you realize something else is standing in your way. This time, it’s your credit score.

A credit score is a tool used by creditors to determine the risk of giving someone a loan. It gives them a good idea of the likelihood that the loanee will repay the said amount within an agreed period. Thus, it’s usually the difference between securing a loan and returning home empty-handed.

Sometimes, your credit score isn’t exactly what you need it to be. It may not be outright bad, but it’s probably not good enough to secure the loan you need. To get your home, auto, or student loan, you need to boost your score to a more desirable level. And traditionally, this has been a whole other difficult matter in itself.

However, it need not be. Enter AU tradelines for sale; probably your best bet at swinging a brand new key from your pinkie finger before the end of the year.

What is a tradeline?

Tradeline refers to a record of credit activities of different types. This record becomes a vital part of the report submitted by major credit reporting agencies. It is vital to know that tradelines are established based on a borrower’s report. It records all the activities related to the primary account.

Moreover, tradelines also refer to individual account listing on your credit report. Also known as credit tradelines, these accounts refer to the ones you have established with a lender or two. Each account comes with complete details. Regardless of status, a credit tradeline is reported by credit bureaus. Whether they’re active or inactive, all these tradelines are crucial in determining a high or low credit score.

As mentioned, tradelines are essential in determining your credit score. Lenders, such as banks, rely on your credit report to calculate your creditworthiness. Thus, the need to keep positive credit history. Having one makes it easier to get a high credit score. With a high credit score, you can easily borrow money from lenders.

What are authorized user tradelines?

Authorized user tradelines are one of the quickest ways to boost your credit score in the market. They basically involve an authorized user and a tradeline (credit account). Therefore, authorized user (AU) tradelines can be broadly defined as tradelines shared with an authorized user. 

A tradeline is an account that appears on your credit report. Tradelines make up the majority of your credit report and thus, impact your credit score. 

When you become an authorized user on a tradeline, it’s assumed that you use it as the primary account holder. However, you don’t receive the actual card. Rather, any information about the account is linked to you, the authorized user. This in turn impacts your credit report and credit score.

What is the purpose of authorized user tradelines?

Turning bad credit into good credit is easier said than done. First, you have to open new credit accounts, take out credits, and make all your payments in time. And even as you do that, the negative marks from your original credit accounts will remain in your credit report for some time. Thus, it takes a long time to rebuild one’s credit score.

AU tradelines make the entire process significantly easier and faster. How? 

When you are added as an authorized user, the payment history of the credit account reflects in your credit report. Note that there may be some exceptions depending on the bank.

However, it won’t show on your credit report when you were added to the credit card. Thus, if you become an AU on a credit card that is seven years old, it will appear as a 7-year-old credit card on your credit report.

This means that the credit scoring algorithms will assume that you’ve been on the tradeline for the past seven years. If the credit account has a perfect payment history, your credit report will reflect that and, thus, do your credit limit some justice.

Since AU tradelines involve sharing personal financial details, it’s often practiced between close relations. You’ve probably seen it among friends and family. For example, parents use their children’s credit accounts to boost their score, spouses their partner’s account, and children their sibling’s/parent’s accounts.

It is also possible to become an authorized user of a stranger’s account. Buying tradelines is actually an easier and faster way to find tradelines that best suit your credit report. However, you’ll need to work with an experienced and trusted tradeline seller, like us.

What are seasoned tradelines?

Authorized users must know that there are certain tradelines that provide optimum benefits. One of them is buying seasoned tradelines. Seasoned tradelines are credit accounts that have aged for a certain period. This refers to accounts that are active for at least two years. Seasoned tradelines with positive payment history are ideal for people who want to build or improve credit score. They can easily help improve your credit standing.

As an authorized user, it is imperative to know that you will have a full history of the accounts on your credit report if you select seasoned tradelines. You read that right. It does not matter when you became an authorized user. When credit bureaus pull your records, you’ll see the credit history of the primary account holder.

What makes a good tradeline?

There are both good and bad tradelines. Not everything you see in the market is good. If you are new in the tradeline industry, it is vital to know how to distinguish the good from the bad. So, to help you with, here are some important things to look into:


The term “good tradeline” is used in the industry to describe accounts that have existed for a long time. In general, the older the tradeline is, the better. Lenders consider the age factor when calculating your credit score. The existence of a tradeline for several years extends the lifespan of your own credit history. Therefore, picking a younger tradeline won’t be as beneficial as picking an older one.


While the long existence of the account is vital, it is useful without a positive credit history. Authorized users must choose outstanding tradelines. Tradelines with late payment history can damage your credit score. Meanwhile, opting for a tradeline with positive payment history will provide you with an improved credit score.

Credit Limit

Tradelines with a high credit limit are beneficial, too. They help raise the amount of available credit in your credit report. Thus, making your account more enticing to lenders and credit scoring models.

Credit Utilization Ratio

Also known as credit utilization rate, refers to the amount of revolving credit divided by the total revolving credit available. To put it simply, it refers to the percentage of how much you owe divided by your account’s credit limit.

All these aspects are important to determine what’s a good tradeline. Ideally, all these have to be present in one account. Otherwise, at least the majority. It is crucial to know, though, that good tradeline are usually more expensive. So, be ready with that.

Benefits of Authorized User Tradelines

An AU tradeline is a powerful financing tool whose biggest benefit is improving the authorized user’s credit score. That’s of course, why you’re here, right? You want to improve your credit score. Well, being an authorized user means that you don’t have to spend years trying to build on your credit score.

Once you’re an authorized user, changes take between 15 and 30 days to reflect on your credit report. How fast your authorized tradeline reflects will depend on the following factors;

Fortunately, we have some of the fastest authorized tradeline reflecting times. So if you buy a tradeline from us, you will see a boosted credit score in a relatively short time. The benefits of a good credit score should then follow shortly. These include a higher credit card limit, better car insurance, easier approval for housing, and lower interest rates on loans and credit cards.

Do tradelines really work?

Simply, yes. However, you want to first consider the number of tradelines, their credit limits and ages so that you get the credit score that you need to achieve your financial goals. To determine the best tradelines to buy for you it’s best to consult a tradeline expert first. Doing so will help you choose only a tradeline that will be beneficial to your account.

How much can a tradeline boost your credit?

How much a tradeline increases your credit depends on several factors. One of the primary things to consider is the qualities of the tradeline. The number of tradelines you buy is also another factor that can affect the improvement of your credit score. According to Finance-Monthly, good tradelines can boost your credit score by 750 or more. Meanwhile, bad tradelines will not be beneficial at all. To be sure, we recommend talking to a tradeline expert. An expert will help you and guide you in buying the right tradeline based on what your account needs.

How long do authorized tradelines last?

The length of time when a tradeline stays in your account differs from one to another. While some tradelines stay in your account for up to 45 days only, others last for years. It is vital to know that primary account holders have the last say when authorized users can use their accounts. Primary account holders can exclude an authorized tradeline user anytime they want to. That is why it is crucial to only transact with a legit tradeline company. That is so industry rules and regulations protect you.

When do tradelines appear in your credit report?

How long a tradeline appears in your credit report depends on several factors. First, how soon does the primary account user adds you as an authorized tradeline user. Second, when do tradeline company report the changes. Lastly, when do credit bureaus pull out information and submit a report. All these are crucial to the timeline. But, in most cases, it only takes 15 to 45 days before it appears in your credit report.

If you are planning to make a loan using your updated credit report, it is vital to take all these into consideration. We recommend asking your choice of tradeline company about the process and timing. That way it’s easier for you to plan your actions, and make sure the report is ready when you need it.

Buying a Tradeline: AU vs. Primary Tradelines 

A primary tradeline is a credit account opened in your name. You probably own one in the form of a mortgage, credit card, or auto loan. The creditor extends credit to you, and you are financially responsible for this account. Since the tradeline is held in your name, some people believe that primary tradelines are superior to AU tradelines.

But as stated before, maintaining a strong primary tradeline takes years. You have to pay all your bills and credit card balances on time, something which many people have a hard time doing. As a result, buying primary tradelines has become a trend in the market. And while these may seem more attractive, they’re not always the best way forward.

Buying primary tradelines is a relatively risky affair with lots of scams and pitfalls aimed at clueless buyers. In fact, it’s pretty rare to purchase such a tradeline legitimately. Why? Well, how possible is it to buy an existing account with a good credit report, opened under your name but not opened by you?  That’s pretty much the case with buying primary tradelines.

As a result, buyers are often involved in fraudulent and illegitimate practices, with or without their knowledge, and ultimately find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

But are authorized tradelines legal themselves? Well, it’s easy to see why someone would think they’re not. I mean, buying and enjoying the benefits of a stranger’s But are authorized tradelines legal themselves? Well, it’s easy to see why someone would think they’re not. I mean, buying and enjoying the benefits of a stranger’s tradeline doesn’t exactly sound legal.  Fortunately, it is, otherwise we wouldn’t exist as a company in the tradeline industry.

How much does a tradeline cost?

Tradelines cost differently from one tradeline company to another. It is vital to know, though, that there are certain factors affecting the price differences. Two of the things that play a major role in determining prices are the age of the tradeline and the credit limit. The older the tradeline is and the higher the credit limit, the more expensive it would get. As one of the leading tradeline companies in the USA, we recommend checking and researching first before making a choice. Doing so will allow you to compare prices and tradelines themselves.

How to choose an AU tradeline?

After examining your financial goals, current credit standings and deciding that an authorized user tradeline is the strongest next step for your situation, it’s time to buy. An AU tradeline marketplace offers variety and flexibility, making it the best place to buy a suitable tradeline. It may be easier said than done, but you can be sure that things will run significantly better with us by your side.

As you explore our tradeline inventory, keep in mind that anything about or affecting the credit account will also affect you, the authorized user.  An AU tradeline can just as easily lower your credit score as it can boost it. Therefore, there are a few important factors to consider before selecting a tradeline. These include

  • Low Credit Utilization Rate- The utilization rate of a credit account is the amount of revolving credit currently in use divided by the total amount of revolving credit available. For instance, if a tradeline has $1500 available and the balance is $500, the utilization rate is 66%.

    Good credit accounts have a low utilization rate, which shows that the user is good at managing their debt responsibilities. The preferred utilization rate is typically below 30%.  So, in the case above, buying the credit account will hurt your credit report.
  • Zero Late Payments- The credit account should not have any late payments attached to it. Remember, its entire history is transferred to your credit report. Thus, any bad history attached to the tradeline will negatively impact your credit score.
  • At Least Two Years Old- You should look for a seasoned tradeline, i.e., one that has been open for a certain period. Lenders usually define their preferred ‘seasoning,’ and this differs from one institution to another. However, two years is usually the minimum amount of time needed for a lender to consider a tradeline seasoned. The longer the seasoning, the bigger the impact the tradeline will have on your credit score.

How many tradelines can you buy?

To answer this question, there is actually no limit on how many tradelines you can buy. While as many buying seasoned, high credit limit tradelines with perfect payment history will certainly help your credit score, it is best to consult with a tradeline expert first before buying one. Asking our tradeline experts for advice will help you choose the right tradeline to buy and be able to maximize its benefits.

How many authorized users can be on one tradeline?

Authorized users can buy as many tradelines as they like. But, that is not the case among primary account holders. Having too many authorized user tradelines over a short period of time might be frowned upon by your banks and may lead to the account being closed. We recommend starting slow when selling your tradelines Also, it’s best to put a limit on the number of authorized users you add a time so you can be sure your account won’t get hurt in the long run.

How to buy legit tradelines?

The process of purchasing a tradeline differs for every tradeline company. At Coast Tradelines, below is the step-by-step process of buying one:

Step 1: Add to Cart

Browse thru our list of various tradelines and add to the cart what you think is best for your account. There is no limit on the number of tradelines you can add to the cart. You can add as many tradelines as you want.

Step 2: See Order Summary

You will find the order summary by clicking on the cart icon on the website. We always recommend checking your selections first before checking out. You can add more or deselect items if you want to.

Step 3: Checkout

Once done reviewing your order summary, you may proceed to the next step by clicking the checkout button. The button will lead you to the checkout page, which requires you to do the next step.

Step 4: Sign Documents Electronically

On the checkout page, you will need to read, review, and sign electronically the “Service Terms and Disclosures”. This document has all the information you need about the transaction you are about to make. This protects both the company and the client from any miscommunication.

Step 5: Provide Personal Information

To process your purchase request, we will ask for some personal information, including your name and contact details. Your personal information is safe and secure.

Step 6: Upload Government-Issued IDs

To complete the purchasing process, we will need you to upload a copy of your social security card along with either your driver’s license or passport. Similar to your personal information, we guarantee all these documents are safe and secured in our hands.

Step 7: Enter Payment Details

Once all the information we need is in, we proceed with the payment process. You can pay for your purchases on different payment channels, including credit card and eCheck payment.

Step 8: Submit Order

When done filling up the payment details, review all the information, and then click the submit button. Please know that once you hit the submit order button, there is no way you can cancel your order any more. Thus, we encourage you to always check and make sure all the information and your orders are correct.

Step 9: Wait for Email Confirmation

To complete the process, wait for a confirmation to be sent to your registered email address. The email confirmation will serve as proof that the transaction is successful. Once you receive the confirmation, it will only take some time before the tradeline appears on your account.

Where to buy tradelines for sale 2022?

When you search online, you will find several tradeline companies with promising offers. But, it is crucial to identify what’s legit from not. Unfortunately, there are fake tradeline companies. To help you in determining what’s real from not, below are some major points to look into:

Years of Operation

One of the major indicators that a tradeline company is legit is its years of existence. A company that has been in the industry for years means they are reliable as well. Like any business, people will not patronize a tradeline company if not for their excellent service. More so, a company will not last if they are not providing good customer service.

Certificates and Licenses

It’s easy to identify a legit tradeline company from a fake one by looking at their business license and other related certificates. Usually, companies would show this on their websites. So, the lack of it means it’s a red flag. For your own peace, you may also ask the company to send you proof of legitimacy. If they resist, then take it as another red flag to not consider them for your tradelines needs.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are powerful. They can either encourage you or discourage you from buying from a tradeline company. Apart from legitimacy, customer reviews could be your basis for how efficient a company is. When checking reviews, make sure to look into both the good and bad so it’s easier for you to gauge your choices.

Physical Address

There are tradeline websites that do not show a physical address. Avoid such websites as they are more likely a hoax. Tradeline companies that do not indicate a physical address or have no contact information at all are not reliable. Take that as a red flag to never transact or buy from that website or company.

What makes a good tradeline company?

There are certain qualities that make a good tradeline company. Some of these qualities include:

Years of Experience

How long a tradeline company has been in the industry is a good sign that they are a reliable institution. In this type of business, experience and reputation are very important. Look for a company with years of experience in the tradeline company and it will be worth it. In most cases, though, fraudulent companies do not last for years.

Good Reputation

The reputation of a tradeline company is apparent in customer reviews. That is why we encourage you to always check customer reviews on the company you are eyeing for. There are different ways to check customer reviews. You can easily find it only either through the company website or other channels. The Better Business Bureau is also an excellent source of information. Asking around family and friends and the community is another way to check how reputable a tradeline company is.

Reasonable Price Range

A good tradeline company offers reasonable prices. At Coast Tradelines, we are proud to say that we’ve got the most competitive prices across the USA. More so, we have amazing tradelines that will surely work to your advantage. Check and compare prices today to find out how true our claims are.

Honesty and Transparency

There is too much deception in the credit industry. It’s the unfortunate reality. Thus, it is important to find a tradeline company that you can trust and rely on. A good tradeline company must have various educational resources available for consumers. Its employees must be knowledgeable. The company should be compliant with any existing laws in the credit repair industry. Never make any transactions with a company with compromised integrity.

Superb Customer Service

The majority of tradeline companies operate online. Thus, the importance of having a reliable customer care program. Having one makes it easier for customers to reach out when they have queries or concerns. At Coast Tradelines, we take pride not only in the products we sell but in the services we provide as well. We have friendly and dependable customer representatives to assist you anytime during business hours. You may also contact us online. We will provide answers as soon as we can.

Why pick Coast Tradelines over other companies?

Your best bet for finding a good authorized user tradeline is via a tradeline marketplace. But with so many companies out there, It can be tricky to choose a marketplace. So, who should you pick?

Well, us. What follows may sound like some hollow chest-thumping, but seriously, it’s justified. We take pride in being one of the best tradeline companies you’ll ever find on the internet. Why?

For starters, we’ve been in this business since 2010. Those twelve years of experience are backed up by;

  • A passion for what we do, and
  • Immense dedication to helping individuals own their financial future.

So, we have become industry leaders by believing in and putting effort into creating a tradeline seller that you can trust. Over the past decade, we have worked with thousands of clients and brokers and helped countless individuals raise their credit scores. 

Currently, we are partnering with hundreds of cardholders to give you one of the largest AU inventories in the market. Our tradeline network consists of more than 200 cardholders, all with a good to excellent credit history. The wide variety of cardholders ensures that our customers almost always get what they are looking for. 

Our online inventory may be large, but it’s also one of the easiest to use. Changes are updated as they occur, allowing you to view and purchase authorized user tradelines in real-time.

What if you encounter a problem? Well, don’t fret; we will handle it. Our team consists of well-trained and responsive staff that is always at hand to meet your needs. This is not one of those situations where customer care ignores you for a week before replying like a badly coded chatbot. Rather, our staff assures you of helpful responses within 24 hours of making your inquiry. If the issue runs a little bit deeper, we will be with you every step of the way until it is resolved to your satisfaction.

So, you would think our prices are well on the premium end, right? Wrong!. Despite offering premium-level AU tradeline options and support, we run a relatively affordable marketplace.  Whatever your AU needs may be, you won’t find better prices in the market. Our wide selection of AU tradelines is available at a deeply discounted rate that guarantees you the lowest prices in the industry. And that’s without sacrificing the quality in the process.

Last but not least, our customers enjoy a no-risk guarantee. We know that buying tradelines comes with some pretty scary risks attached. For instance, your tradeline may fail to post on your credit report. This means that despite being an authorized user, it will not affect your credit score in any way. In such cases, we provide full refunds to our customers. So, as you browse our inventory of AU tradelines, you should be confident that we have your back in case of anything.

Final Thoughts

This 2022, tradelines continue to be a powerful tool to help build or improve poor credit scores. Buying an authorized user tradeline is key towards achieving a better credit standing. As you know, people with high credit scores enjoy lots of perks. In particular, they can easily apply for loans like auto loans and mortgages. Don’t deal with the amateurs or those companies without a solid reputation. So, this 2022, buy tradelines that benefit you through a reliable and trustworthy company. That is at Coast Tradelines.

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