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What are tradelines?

Our credit is your credit

We partner with individuals with high limit credit cards to temporarily add you as an authorized userts (AU) to their credit cards. Their card’s perfect payment history and high credit limit will post to your credit file, boosting your score. This means, their credit is now your credit.

How can Coast help me?

Reach your financial goals

Whether you or your family is looking to purchase a new home, finance a new car, or building a new business, buying our tradelines to boost your credit score can help you reach your financial goals in one week.

New to tradelines?

Tradelines are safe & legal

According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), 1974, discrimination is not allowed by banks or financial institutions, including the requirement to be a member of the same family or household. This means you can be an authorized user of any cardholder.

How our tradelines work


Explore our set of Tradelines

See our inventory of credit cards and determine which ones would best benefit you (e.g. high credit limit, long payment history, or both)


Submit and confirm your deposit

Before choosing your tradelines, you must go to a bank branch to make a deposit into our account. This will act as “store credit” which you can use once your deposit is confirmed


Pick the Tradeline that you want

Select your desired tradelines and upload documents as needed. We will then work on the backend with the credit cardholders to add you as an authorized user

Check your new Credit!

Check your credit score 1-2 weeks after. All the new credit information should be listed and you’ll be set with a boosted credit score to reach your goals!

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  • Ms. B
    3 months ago
    I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Coast Tradelines. During a challenging period last year, your company not only assisted me but went above and beyond to provide exceptional support. The...
  • Dominick Howard
    2 months ago
    I've been working with the Coast Tradeline Team who all do a amazing job, Joti K & all the Sales Managers who handles Business Accounts at Coast Tradelines I spent $1,000s before I became a affiliate...
  • Wendy Casey
    2 weeks ago
    After struggling with credit card debt, I wasn't sure how to get my credit back on track. The team at Coast Tradelines was able to assist me in the process and answered all my questions. With their...
  • Carla Steele
    a month ago
    They do not return your money as agreed when you make a withdrawal. It has been 5 days since I did my withdrawal request and my money still has not been returned. They just went silent. There lines...
  • Nick Sorfi
    10 months ago
    Terrible Experience with Coast Tradelines I am extremely disappointed with the services provided by Coast Tradelines. I hired their services with the hope of improving my credit history, but...

Our Sample Tradeline Prices

Here’s a sample of our tradelines to give you an idea of our inventory and pricing.

barclays logo


Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 780

citibank logo


Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 170

chase logo


Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 400

wells fargo logo

Wells Fargo

Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 330