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What are tradelines?

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We partner with individuals with high limit credit cards to temporarily add you as an authorized userts (AU) to their credit cards. Their card’s perfect payment history and high credit limit will post to your credit file, boosting your score. This means, their credit is now your credit.

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Reach your financial goals

Whether you or your family is looking to purchase a new home, finance a new car, or build a new business, our tradeline recommendation can boost your credit score can help you reach your financial goals in one week.

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Tradelines are safe & legal

According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), 1974, discrimination is not allowed by banks or financial institutions, including the requirement to be a member of the same family or household. This means you can be an authorized user of any cardholder.

How our tradelines work


Explore our set of Tradeline List

See our inventory of credit cards and determine which ones would best benefit you (e.g. high credit limit, long payment history, or both).


Submit and confirm your deposit

Before choosing your trade lines, you must go to a bank branch to make a deposit into our account. This will act as “store credit” which you can use once your deposit is confirmed.


Pick the Tradeline Package that you want

Select your desired trade lines and upload documents as needed. We will then work on the backend with the credit cardholders to add you as an authorized user.


Check your new Credit!

Check your credit score 1-2 weeks after. All the new credit information should be listed and you’ll be set with a boosted credit score to reach your goals!

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    I've been working with the Coast Tradeline Team who all do a amazing job, Joti K & all the Sales Managers who handles Business Accounts at Coast Tradelines I spent $1,000s before I became a affiliate...
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    Coast Tradelines provides a great service with a large inventory of tradelines to pick from. Customer service is excellent! Joti has been super helpful and is an excellent representative!
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    After struggling with credit card debt, I wasn't sure how to get my credit back on track. The team at Coast Tradelines was able to assist me in the process and answered all my questions. With their...
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    Very hard to get a response with accurate info, not sure what TD Bank is and everything just seem sketchy. Prices for trades being offered are high reviews are up and down and not a recommended...

Our Sample Tradeline Package Deals

Here’s a sample of our tradelines for sale to give you an idea of our inventory and pricing.

barclays logo


Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 780

citibank logo


Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 170

chase logo


Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 400

wells fargo logo

Wells Fargo

Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:

$ 330

Frequently Asked Questions

Are buying tradelines legal?

Yes, it is legal. Authorized tradelines for sale are a legitimate strategy many individuals use to improve their credit scores. Credit bureaus and loan providers recognize and accept this practice. But, like in any industry, you have to be cautious. Dealing with fake sellers might lead to bank fraud and other legal issues.

An authorized user trade line is a credit account added to someone’s credit report. The authorized user benefits from that account’s positive payment history and credit utilization. This method allows individuals to piggyback on the excellent primary account holder’s credit history and responsible credit management.

When you purchase a tradeline, you are buying the right to become an authorized user of someone else’s credit account. This means you can enjoy their positive credit history without being responsible for the debt associated with the account.

Are tradelines permanent?

Tradelines, whether bought or obtained naturally, can have varying durations on your credit report. In the case of authorized user trade lines, they can be temporary or permanent.

Some authorized user trade lines may only remain on your credit report for a short period. This could be a few months or only until the next time the primary account holder updates the credit report. These temporary tradelines for sale can still boost your credit score when they are active. Their impact, though, may diminish once removed.

Meanwhile, some tradelines can remain on your credit report longer. These tradelines continue to positively impact your credit score as long as they are active.

How do authorized user trade lines work?

Authorized user trade lines work by adding someone as an authorized user to an existing credit account. This means the authorized user will have the account’s positive payment history and credit utilization factor reflected on their credit report.

You become an authorized user on someone else’s credit account when you buy tradelines. The credit reporting agency includes the primary cardholder’s record in your credit report. This allows you to enjoy their excellent credit history. It helps improve your credit score based on credit scoring models.

Once you are an authorized user, the account’s history will appear on your credit report. This includes factors such as the length of account history, payment history, and credit utilization. All of these factors can have a positive impact on your score.

As an authorized user, you do not have any legal responsibility for the debt associated with the primary tradelines. This means you are not liable for missed payments or outstanding balances.

Can mortgage tradeline help buy a house?

Yes, authorized user trade lines can help you buy a house. When you apply for a mortgage, your credit score is crucial in determining your eligibility and the interest rate you will receive. You can boost your credit score by adding a mortgage tradeline with a positive payment history and low credit utilization. Thus improving your chances of getting approved for a mortgage.

Loan providers use your credit score to assess your creditworthiness. They also use it to determine the level of risk involved in lending to you. A higher credit score increases your chances of loan approval. It also allows you to secure more favorable terms and interest rates. You can enhance your credit profile by strategically adding tradelines for sale to your credit report. This increases your chances of qualifying for a mortgage loan.

Can tradelines help buy a car?

Tradelines can also help you buy a car. Like with a mortgage, your credit score plays a significant role in the financing process for an auto loan. By adding tradelines, you can improve your credit score. As a result, it can boost your chances of obtaining favorable financing terms.

When you apply for a car loan, lenders assess borrowers creditworthiness to determine the interest rate, loan amount, and repayment terms they can provide. A higher credit score shows responsible credit management. It reduces the perceived risk for financiers. By adding tradelines, you can strengthen your credit profile.

Can tradelines help credit scores? 

Yes, tradelines can help improve your credit score. When you become an authorized user, the credit reporting agency will reflect their positive payment history and low credit utilization on your credit report. This can help boost your credit score by showing a history of responsible credit management. It also lowers your credit utilization ratio.

Credit utilization rate is a crucial factor that creditors consider when evaluating your creditworthiness. It measures the amount of available credit you are using compared to your total available credit limit. A lower credit utilization ratio shows that you are using credit responsibly.

By adding tradelines with a long history of on-time payments and low credit utilization, you can benefit from their positive credit habits. You can see an improvement in your credit score. But, it is crucial to ensure that the primary tradelines maintain good credit habits. Any negative activity like late payments on their account will also be on your credit report.

Can you buy tradelines?

Yes, you can buy credit tradelines for an improved credit score. Some tradeline seller companies specialize in offering seasoned tradelines for sale. One trade line company that offers seasoned tradelines is Coast Tradelines. We can access secured credit card accounts with positive payment histories and low credit utilization rates.

It is vital, though, to be cautious when buying authorized user trade lines. Not all companies that provide tradelines for sale are trustworthy or legitimate. Some unethical tradeline providers engage in fraudulent activities. Engaging with these sellers can lead to severe consequences, including legal trouble and damage to your credit.

Do thorough research to choose a reputable company to buy authorized user tradelines for sale. Look for companies with positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

How many tradelines can you have?

There is no set limit to how many tradelines you can have on your credit report. It depends on your credit situation and credit goals. But remember that adding too many tradelines at once can raise suspicions among financiers. It may have a different impact on your credit score.

Credit repair experts recommend having a good mix of different types of tradelines. This can demonstrate responsible credit management across various financial obligations.

Remember that the quality of the tradelines is more critical than the quantity. Focus on adding tradelines with a long history of on-time payments and low credit utilization. These positive credit habits will have a more significant impact on your credit score. Also, it is crucial to manage your credit utilization ratio. Keeping your credit card balances low and paying off debts on time can help improve your credit score, even with a few tradelines.

How many tradelines should I buy?

The number of tradelines you should buy depends on your specific credit situation. Your credit goals are also an essential factor to consider. It is crucial to assess your current credit report. You also have to identify any areas of weakness or improvement. Adding a few tradelines with positive payment histories can be beneficial if you have a limited credit history or a low credit score.

Avoid going overboard and adding too many tradelines at once. Adding many tradelines in a short period of time may raise red flags for creditors. It could backfire on your personal credit score. Credit bureaus, lending institutions, and banks are on the lookout for potential illegalities. Thus, credit repair experts recommend adding tradelines gradually and strategically.

When deciding how many tradelines to buy, consider your credit utilization ratio. Also, check the impact each trade line will have on it. Aim to keep your credit card balances low and avoid maxing out your available credit. Remember, the quality of the tradelines matters most, so focus on adding perfect tradelines. These have a positive history and low credit utilization.

How long does it take for tradelines to post?

The time it takes for tradelines to post can vary depending on the specific trade line company and the credit reporting agency involved. It can take a few weeks to a few months for the tradelines to appear on your credit report.

Once you have purchased personal tradelines, the provider will contact the credit card company or lender. They will request that you become an authorized user. The credit card issuer or lender will then update the account information with the major credit bureaus.

The reporting speed can depend on several factors, including the reporting practices and the reporting cycle of the credit reporting agency or lender. Some trade line providers offer expedited reporting. It can help speed up the process.

Where to buy tradelines?

There are several legitimate trade line companies out there to choose from. One option is to work with a tradeline company or broker. Tradelines company can provide a wide range of tradeline list to fit different credit needs.

When choosing a tradelines company to work with, it is vital to do your research.

Ensure the company matches your credit goals. Also, consider looking at these factors:

  • Wide selection of seasoned trade lines
  • Reasonable tradeline price range
  • Provides credit report analysis
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Easy method of payment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Nice and friendly customer support representatives
  • Have online access
  • Transparent
  • No additional cost

Another option is to work with a credit repair company. These agencies often offer tradeline services as part of their credit repair programs. They can guide you through the tradeline list to purchase based on your credit situation and goals. They also provide credit repair analysis. Working with a credit repair agency can offer extra peace of mind. They can assist you throughout the process of improving your credit.

Where to sell tradelines?

A few options are available to you if you want to sell tradelines. One option is to work with a tradelines company specializing in buying and selling tradelines. These companies act as intermediaries. They connect individuals with tradelines to those looking to purchase them.

When choosing a tradeline brokerage to work with, it is vital to consider their reputation and track record. Look for companies that have positive customer reviews and a transparent process. The selling and buying process must be smooth. Also, consider the fees they charge for their services and any additional requirements they may have.

Check previous customer experiences to see if they are good to work with. Talk to the company’s customer service team to learn more about the company and its process. Before selling tradelines, ensure you have credit stability. A clean credit file and the age of your credit history are two crucial factors. They determine how expensive or cheap your sale will be. Ensure you do not have bad credit that may lead to disapproval of your selling request.

What are the best tradelines to buy?

The best tradelines to buy often depend on your specific credit goals and current financial situation. Cheap tradelines can be tempting for those looking to enhance their credit scores without a substantial financial outlay. However, the effectiveness is not only determined by tradelines cost. Effective tradelines have a long history of positive accounts, high credit limits, and low utilization rates. 

Meanwhile, expensive tradeline list features older accounts with higher limits and stellar payment histories. These are often seen as more potent in improving a credit score quickly. Consider how they align with your long-term credit future when choosing such tradelines. Investing in high-quality, personal tradelines can be more beneficial if they improve your access to better credit terms sooner. The best tradelines are those that contribute to your credit profile in a positive way. They foster long-term financial health and provide leverage in future credit activities.

Why are tradelines important?

Tradelines are crucial in turning your bad credit score into a better one. They have a significant impact on your credit score and creditworthiness. It is also vital in any credit application. 

Having lines of credit or tradelines on your personal or business credit report can benefit you in several ways. First, it can help you establish a positive credit history. It can also boost your score by showing a history of responsible credit management.

Second, when you purchase tradelines, it can improve your credit utilization ratio. Lenders see a lower credit utilization ratio as a positive factor. It can help improve your credit score. Last, personal tradelines can help diversify your credit mix. They like to see a mix of different types of credit accounts like credit cards, student loans, and business loans. Having a variety of personal tradelines on your credit report can show that you can manage different types of credit.

What are tradelines used for?

You can purchase tradelines for various purposes, but their primary function is to increase credit scores.

Individuals often purchase tradelines to improve their creditworthiness. By adding a tradeline, you can show them you have good credit behavior. This can increase your chances of getting a business credit card and loan approval.

You can also use tradelines to achieve specific financial goals besides improving your credit score. Another use for tradelines is credit repair. If you have negative items on your credit report, adding positive tradelines can help balance those negative impacts. 

How do you buy tradelines to boost your credit score?

Buying tradelines to boost your credit score involves a few key steps. This ensures the process is effective and beneficial. 

First, identify a reputable tradeline business. These companies should provide detailed information about each tradeline. It is crucial to select tradelines that will complement your current credit profile. 

The second step is to purchase and add these tradelines to your credit report. You will be an authorized user of these accounts. The account history will appear on your credit report within a billing cycle. This can influence factors such as your credit age, diversity of credit, and utilization ratio. It is crucial to coordinate with tradeline companies regarding the timing. This ensures that the tradeline services reports to the credit bureaus when you need it most. 

The last step is to monitor your credit report. Ensure your credit report reflects the new addition. Otherwise, you can check on the status of your tradeline company.

Are tradelines worth buying?

Buying tradelines can provide a temporary boost to your credit score. It happens by adding a well-managed account with a positive payment history to your personal credit report. This might seem appealing if you improve your credit to secure a loan or better interest rates. But, the effect is temporary. It also may have a different impact. Credit scoring models and lender scrutiny adapt to counteract this practice. High-quality tradelines will cost more. Also, the investment is not guaranteed to pay off better loan terms or approvals.

Furthermore, buying tradelines comes with ethical and legal gray areas. That is, even though they are not illegal. It raises concerns about the artificial inflation of credit scores. It can mislead lenders about an individual’s creditworthiness. For long-term credit health, it’s safer to use traditional credit-building strategies. This includes paying bills on time and maintaining low credit utilization. It also includes regular checking of credit reports for inaccuracies. These methods build genuine creditworthiness and are more likely favorably viewed by lenders.

Can you make money selling tradelines?

Buying tradelines can be a way to improve your credit score. Selling tradelines can be a way to make some extra income. When you sell a tradeline, you are allowing someone else to become an authorized user on your credit card account. User tradelines for sale can help boost their credit score. In return, you can earn a fee from the individual purchasing the tradeline.

It is crucial to approach this practice with caution. You also have to understand the risks involved. You must follow the terms and conditions your credit card issuer sets. A positive credit history allows you to use your credit card account. Selling seasoned tradelines is a good passive income. It can help you achieve your financial goals sooner. High-quality tradelines cost more than newly opened primary tradelines. 

How to buy tradelines?

To begin purchasing tradelines, first assess your credit situation. This will help you determine how a tradeline might enhance your credit file. This involves reviewing your current credit score and understanding the factors influencing it. Considering your financial goals, decide if adding seasoned tradelines could meet your objectives.

Next, search for a reputable tradelines company. These companies provide the service of adding you as an authorized user to the primary account holder’s account. When choosing a tradeline company, look for transparency of fees. Also, consider the history of the tradelines they offer. Look into the expected impact on your credit score as well.

After selecting a tradeline company, choose a specific tradeline that matches your needs. Factors to consider include the age of the tradeline and the credit limit. This can influence your credit profile. Once you buy, the tradeline companies will coordinate with the primary account holder. The primary cardholder will then add you as an authorized user. Always check your personal credit score to track the impact. Also, ensure that you meet your financial goals.

How do I choose a good tradeline?

Choosing good tradeline companies involves essential considerations. This ensures a positive impact on your credit score. 

First, look for a tradeline with a long history of on-time payments and a high credit limit. These characteristics are vital because they show reliability and financial responsibility. It helps in reducing the credit utilization ratio on your report when added. Tradelines with no history of late payments are more likely to boost your credit score. It could influence how lenders perceive your creditworthiness.

Second, the tradeline should always report to the major credit bureaus. This regular reporting is crucial. It guarantees your credit file reflects the positive effects of the tradeline. These include increased credit age, positive payment history, and low credit utilization ratio. Before purchasing, confirm with the tradeline company that the account is active. Also, ensure that it is in good standing.

Last, align the selection of your tradeline with your specific credit goals. Opt for older tradelines if your goal is a significant credit score increase in a short period. These tradelines have higher limits and spotless payment histories. These features amplify the potential credit score benefits. Always consider how adding a tradeline complements other aspects of your credit management strategy. Selecting a tradeline that fits your financial profile and objectives can maximize the likelihood of achieving your desired credit outcomes.

How long does a tradeline last?

Tradelines remain on your personal credit report for a certain period of time. The timeline depends on the credit reporting policies of the credit reporting agency. On average, a tradeline can remain on your credit report for 7 to 10 years from when you opened or closed it. It also depends on the type of account. It is vital to note, though, that the impact of a tradeline on your score may diminish as it gets older.

The length of time a tradeline remains in your credit profile also depends on the agreement between you and the primary tradeline holder. You can rent a tradeline for a period ranging from a few months to a couple of years. Once the agreement ends, the primary cardholder may remove you as an authorized user. Thus, it is crucial to ensure you only buy tradelines based on how they may affect your credit situation.

How much does tradelines cost?

Tradelines cost depend on the tradeline industry. The price depends on several factors, such as:

  • the age of the account, 
  • the credit limit, and 
  • the credit history of the primary account holder. 

Authorized user trade lines from lines of credit with a long history and high credit limits are higher. That is because they have the potential to have a more significant impact on a credit score. For example, tradelines from high-limit business credit cards might cost more. They could be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The pricing reflects the value these tradelines offer. It includes their ability to enhance a user’s credit profile as part of their credit improvement journey.

Seasoned tradelines are also pricey. Most of these types of tradelines have perfect payment history and are long-standing. They are ideal if you want to boost your score within a limited time. You can get easy approvals for auto loans, mortgages, and more with an increased score. It also makes application from a credit card company easier.

Setting a budget for purchasing tradelines can be tricky. As a tradeline recommendation, we suggest aligning the cost with your specific credit goals. Always consider the potential return on investment that a tradeline offers. This is about your credit strategy and financial plans. 

Is selling tradelines legal?

Selling tradelines operates in a legal gray area. There is no specific federal law that outright prohibits the sale of tradelines. But, lenders and credit reporting agencies frown upon the practice. That is because it can manipulate the credit scoring system. Some view this manipulation as deceitful. For them, it allows individuals to present creditworthiness that is not based on their own credit behavior. Others argue that selling tradelines could border on bank fraud. That is if the primary intention is to deceive financial institutions. Deception happens through credit transactions.

Credit reporting agencies and financial institutions continue to scrutinize the practice. These entities maintain the integrity of credit transactions. They also vest in the reliability of the information within the credit reporting system. As a result, they may take measures to limit the impact of purchased tradelines. Thus, selling tradelines is not illegal but comes with considerable risks.

Why buy from tradelines from Coast Tradelines?

Coast Tradelines stands out in the tradeline provider industry because of our commitment to excellence. We also have a solid track record of delivering effective tradeline packages. Our tradeline deals help clients achieve financial success. Our industry experience allows us to understand the nuances of the credit system. We can also provide tradeline deals best suited to your credit needs. We streamline the buying process. Thus, Coast Tradelines ensures clients can select and buy tradelines.

More so, Coast Tradelines has garnered positive customer reviews. The reviews highlight our reliability. It also shows our effectiveness in helping users boost their credit scores. These testimonials reflect our company’scompany’s dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. As a trusted tradeline source, do so through high-quality service and dependable results. Anyone looking to enhance their credit profile can rely on us. Coast Tradelines offers a trustworthy option backed by proven success. We have a firm commitment to helping clients navigate their way to better credit. Contact us for trade line help or if you need a professional tradeline consultation.