How to Use the Secrets of Tradelines To Boost Your Credit Score Fast

Icon graphic. How to Use the Secrets of Tradelines To Boost Your Credit Score Fast

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Having a good consumer credit score working in your favor can help you improve your financial outlook. Unfortunately, many people do not give their credit the attention that it deserves. Uncertainty about the factors affecting a score and the challenges involved in remedying it can make better credit seem unattainable. However, careful management of how you use credit and adding new positive tradelines can substantially impact your credit report. Here are some things that you should know about the secrets of tradelines and how they can help you.

What Are Tradelines?

Your credit is more than just a number. Everyone’s consumer credit score is the cumulative product of the tradelines on a detailed credit report. Every separate line of credit or outstanding financial obligation that you have constitutes an individual tradeline.

In order to understand your credit score and the secrets of credit tradelines, you should familiarize yourself with some of the most common examples of tradelines on credit reports:

  •         Credit cards
  •         Outstanding personal loans
  •         Student debt
  •         Mortgages
  •         Auto financing

In general, having multiple tradelines in good standing is the key to having a good credit score. You need seasoned tradelines from several sources reflecting your creditworthiness in order for your credit report to produce an excellent score.

How Do Tradelines Affect Your Score?

Not all tradelines affect your score in equal measure, and there are several characteristics of a tradeline that determine how much it will help or hurt your score. Some of the most important secrets of credit tradelines concern age and utilization.


The age of a tradeline is arguably one of its most defining elements. Perfect payment history and low credit utilization in a tradeline will not have a significant effect on a score if there is not a strong payment history supporting it. Establishing a strong payment history requires years of consistent payments while maintaining low utilization. For this reason, tradelines that are several years old may weigh on a credit report much more heavily than new lines of credit. Each of the timely payments that make up a tradeline’s history demonstrates the ability to meet financial obligations, so older tradelines are more meaningful in calculating credit scores than tradelines showing only recent activity.


The utilization of credit is another significant representation of creditworthiness that plays into the secrets of tradelines. A high spending limit on a credit card can help to keep the amount of the credit that they use low in proportion to the total amount of credit that they have access to. It is advisable to avoid using a large percentage of your available credit in a single revolving tradeline. Overutilization of a credit line will typically lower a score, even if it is on a tradeline with extensive payment history. In general, creditors consider using about thirty percent or less of your available credit to be a healthy credit utilization ratio.

How Can You Add an Existing Tradeline to Your Credit Report?

Outstanding credit requires several positive tradelines on your report. You may be able to harness the power of seasoned tradelines without having to open new accounts and waiting for them to age.

One of the best secrets of tradelines is that they are not exclusive to individuals. Even though the credit report of an individual or a business is theirs alone, reports can include accounts that have more than one user. You can add a tradeline to your report if the current tradeline holder designates you as an authorized user.

Buying one or more tradelines from a reputable source can equip your report with a positive payment and utilization history that goes back for many years. It may be possible for some credit inquiries to reveal that a credit line has more than one authorized user, you will effectively associate those payments in the calculation of a score.

What Are the Advantages of Getting Tradelines Over Just Getting More Credit?

Adding new tradelines can increase your overall credit utilization, but it does not fully offset the effect of existing tradelines that a person is close to maxing out or has already maxed out. The newness of a high-value tradeline makes it less significant than those which have been a fixture on a report for many years. 

Get Fast Results

By purchasing a new tradeline for your report, you can have instant access to the effect of seasoned payment history. You will not have to wait for months or years to pass in order to add to the total age and volume of your reported history. Instead, you will be effectively building years of positive payments into your report within one reporting cycle. This advanced credit repair tactic is one of the best-kept secrets of tradelines that you can use to raise your score fast.

Avoid Utilizing New Credit Sources

Getting a new credit line could be risky if you have had problems managing your utilization in the past. Getting more credit cards could prompt you to start using that new spending source. A single expenditure on a new card could end up outweighing the positive effect that you were hoping to accomplish by getting the card, and you could wind up increasing your debt.

How Many Tradelines Do You Need to Add to Boost Your Credit?

One of the most notable secrets of tradelines that you have to consider is the importance of selecting the right type of lines to add rather than just focusing on adding as many lines as possible. Getting one or two tradelines could have a greater effect than adding more than twice as many if your additions have both extensive age and good utilization ratios. It is possible for tradelines with only a moderate reporting length and credit limits to have a positive impact on a score. However, they will probably not offer as much upside as longer tradelines showing good utilization and greater limits.

What Factors in Your Current Credit Report Impact the Effect of Adding Tradelines?

Choosing the right tradeline to boost your credit score can depend on several key considerations. If you want to take advantage of the secrets of tradelines to build or repair credit, you need to evaluate your individual circumstances carefully. Your individual credit history, current payment obligations, and principal goals in building a better score can all be significant in identifying your best options.

If you have a fairly new credit history, putting a tradeline on your credit could extend the total history. This is one of the secrets of tradelines that can improve a report with a short record of utilization and payments.

A long credit history with somewhat low limits on revolving credit lines may benefit from a tradeline that adds to a report’s total value. This type of tradeline can also help level up a credit report with mostly installment tradelines. It produces a more favorable ratio of debt to available credit in addition to a better credit utilization ratio.

If you are considering taking advantage of the secrets of credit tradelines, reach out to Tradeline Supply Company. We have experience helping people access tradelines with the potential to immediately boost credit. Our knowledgeable representatives can help you understand some of the different options available to you and give you some unique insight into what you can do to raise your score fast.