Primary vs. Seasoned Tradelines

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Tradelines can be primary tradelines or seasoned tradelines, but what’s the difference? While primary tradelines are great for those with no credit history, seasoned tradelines will help you build your credit score. This blog post will give you an overview of primary and seasoned tradelines so that you know which one works for you.


There are a lot of things you need to know about the primary tradelines. Before you even start thinking of buying tradelines, it is vital to know and understand what you are putting yourself into. This way, you get to weigh your options properly and buy tradelines that are only necessary to help boost your credit. To start with, what is a primary tradeline is?

A primary tradeline is an account on a credit report designated only for the primary account holder. This includes all their lines of credit such as mortgages, credit cards, car loans, or anything else that is being borrowed under the primary account holder. They will be responsible for paying the balance on their accounts. Then, it’s reflected on their credit score depending on how well they can manage their debt. These are used when users want to first establish a credit score and begin to build a payment history. Most of these primary tradelines are easy to open, such as credit cards through banks.

What differentiates free primary tradelines from primary tradelines for sale?

It’s easy to get free primary tradelines. All you need to do is open a secured credit card account yourself from a bank or credit card company. Free primary tradelines are ideal for anyone who is trying to build credit. It’s also great for those who want a credit line to be available to them. Once you open a free primary tradeline, you become the sole person responsible for all transactions made using the account.

It is not legal to sell a primary tradeline or primary credit account. While some companies offer primary tradelines for sale, that’s very risky. What is perfectly legal for sale, though, are authorized user tradelines. These are tradelines for sale, which you can pay so the primary account holder can add you as an authorized user.

What are Authorized User Tradelines?

Authorized user tradelines, also referred to as credit piggybacking, are revolving accounts added to primary tradelines. The purpose of this usually involves a user in need of a credit score boost to gain a loan that they didn’t qualify for before. It could be a car loan, personal loan, or a mortgage. By getting added to a primary tradeline as an authorized user, their payment history is transferred to you, increasing your credit score.

The users who become authorized users of the primary tradelines will not be responsible for any charges or balances on these credit lines. Users will also not have any access to utilizing the primary tradeline. The only benefit that would come from being an authorized user would be being associated with the credit history of the primary user.

With these new financial services, you will be able to get several years’ worth of good payment history in a matter of weeks; thus, condensing the time and making it more efficient for clients who need good credit scores.

What is the difference between a Primary Account Holder and an Authorized User Account?

The main difference between primary account holders and authorized user accounts would be who is responsible for paying the balance on their assigned accounts. If you have a primary tradeline on your credit report, whether a car loan or mortgage, you are responsible for paying the balance. On the other hand, if you have an authorized user tradeline, as a user, the only thing you will inherit from that credit line would be the payment history. Other than that, you are not responsible for any payments at all.

Another difference would be the purpose of each tradeline and how they affect someone’s credit score. Having a primary tradeline would be more beneficial if a user has no history of payments in their current credit report. This way, the user can establish a credit history and continue to benefit as the user utilizes the tradelines and makes on-time payments. If the user has already established a payment history but needs a boost, instead of opening more primary tradelines (which can negatively affect their score), it is recommended to purchase authorized user tradelines instead. This way, the user will be able to inherit the credit score and boost their overall score.

What determines the pricing of Authorized User Tradelines?

Age, Credit Limit, and Balance. When searching for authorized user tradelines that will help boost your credit score, you should be looking into these three essential factors:

  1. Primary tradelines with history (we mean a positive payment history that’s at least a year old)
  2. Tradelines with a significant limit, and 
  3. A low balance 

These are the qualities that distinguish a great authorized user tradeline. These factors also affect the price point of a tradeline. While some may be cheap, others could be costly. Seasoned tradelines, in particular, are known to be more pricey compared to newer ones.

Should you buy a Primary or an Authorized User Accounts?

Technically, the law does not allow selling primary tradelines. While transferring a primary tradeline to another person’s name is possible, it requires a legal matter. Often, this process is much more expensive and, in some cases, illegal. The only type of tradeline that is available for purchase are authorized user tradelines, including seasoned tradelines.

Who can sell authorized user tradelines?

Selling tradelines means adding an authorized user to your credit account. The purpose behind it is to help boost the new user’s credit score. Anyone who’s a primary credit cardholder can add an authorized user. Back in the day, adding an authorized user was limited to family members. Over the years, though, selling authorized use tradelines has become a common practice. To successfully sell authorized user tradelines, you must have a positive credit history that has aged for at least a year. A positive credit record is achievable by always paying debts on time. Having a high credit limit is another factor that makes your credit account useful to the authorized user.

What are the best primary tradelines?

In the tradeline industry, the best primary tradelines are credit cards. Credit cards are revolving credit accounts. Accounts of this type are open-ended. You can use and pay them back repeatedly as long as the account remains open. There are other primary tradelines available, including auto loans, student loans, mortgages, and other lines of credit where you are the primary account holder. However, these accounts are usually fixed credit (unless you sign up for a variable-rate mortgage). The interest rate does not change. During the repayment period, your interest rate and payment remain the same. As compared to credit cards, they’re not flexible.

How to add a primary tradeline to your credit report?

First of all, a credit report is a statement that shows all the information about your credit activities and current credit status. The report is prepared by any or all of the three major credit bureaus. The credit report plays a crucial role in determining your credit score.

The easiest way to add a primary tradeline to your credit report is to open a free credit card account. The account has to be under your name. There are many banks and credit companies out there to choose from.

While there are companies out there that claim to sell primary tradelines, most of them are shady operations. Transferring a primary tradeline to another person’s name can be legally exhausting. Worse, you can even be charged for fraud or identity theft.

If your goal for adding a primary tradeline is to improve your credit score, that’s achievable by paying off your loans on time. That way, you keep a low credit utilization ratio, which is also known as the debt to credit ratio. You can also buy authorized user tradelines from reputable tradeline companies. Buying seasoned tradelines, in particular, are great choices to improve your credit record. Having a good credit record means a higher credit score.

How long do primary tradelines last?

In the tradeline industry, primary tradelines refer to credit accounts you opened yourself. Talking about credit cards, in particular, a Forbes report says that on average, credit cards are closed three years after financial institutions issued them. Depending on the bank or credit card issuer, it could last longer than that. For as long as your primary tradeline exists, credit bureaus will continue reporting all transactions made using your credit account. You will continue to see them on your credit report. It is best to keep your account open as long as possible, even when they’re no longer being used so that you can increase the average age of your revolving credit account. 

How long do tradelines stay on your credit report?

Lenders use the information stated in your tradelines to determine your credit score. It’s crucial, especially if you are planning to loan money from financial institutions. Banks and lending companies do a credit check to determine your credit score. Credit scores are based on credit reports, which are prepared by major credit reporting agencies. When you buy tradelines, tradelines can stay in your credit report for years. But, they can also fall away in as short as 60 days. 

How many primary tradelines can you have?

As a primary account holder, there is no limit as to how many accounts you can open. If you don’t have a bad credit history or no late payments made on loaned money. Your credit habits are critical factors to getting two or more primary tradelines.

Meanwhile, if we talk about authorized user tradelines, technically speaking, you can have as many as you want. But, it is crucial to know that having too many tradelines may cause harm to your credit score. Yes, buying too many tradelines could either help grow your credit score or lower it down even more.

The point is, in both cases, you are not limited to a certain number for as long as you are responsible. Knowing what you need is also very critical, especially when it comes to buying authorized user tradelines.

Are primary tradelines legal?

Primary tradelines are very much legal. As mentioned earlier, you can get a primary tradeline by opening a credit card account. Banks and credit card companies offer the application for free. Selling primary tradelines, though, is an unacceptable practice. Unfortunately, some companies claim to be selling primary tradelines. Be wary, though as it can lead to a serious legal matter. What’s legally acceptable right now is buying authorized user tradelines. You can buy them from either a primary credit card account holder.


In the tradeline industry, there are what we call seasoned primary tradelines. The term “seasoned” or “aged” refers to the fact that the tradeline that authorized users are piggybacking on must have a past payment history that goes back to a minimum of two years. The higher the history or age of the tradeline, the more beneficial the tradeline can be to your credit file through a credit score boost.

Seasoned tradelines are great if you want to improve your credit score temporarily. It’s best to buy a seasoned primary tradeline as an authorized user. That way, the primary account holder remains in control of the account. You pay only to be added as an authorized user of the credit account. You have no obligation whatsoever to the account.

Why should you buy Seasoned Primary Tradelines?

The only reason you should buy aged primary trade-lines is if you need it. Therefore, assessing your situation is essential to see if you need a credit boost or not. Clients who have no trouble paying their bills and debts on time will most likely be no benefit to buying a tradeline. That is because it would not boost your credit score.

Buying an authorized user tradeline, particularly seasoned tradelines, would be for someone who has a low credit score and needs a boost. Having a low credit score can result from having too many primary tradelines or having trouble paying on time. It is important to see if you would benefit from buying an aged authorized user tradeline as it isn’t always beneficial. In addition, seasoned credit lines can significantly affect your credit report resulting in a better score given its age and credit history. But again, it’s on a case-to-case basis.

What is the difference between primary and seasoned primary tradelines?

As defined, a primary tradeline pertains to the credit account you opened yourself. As a primary cardholder, you are responsible for all transactions made using your credit account. Paying on time is crucial to keep positive credit history. Meanwhile, a seasoned primary tradeline refers to a line of credit that’s open for at least two years. Given the amount of time, it has already established credit history. Seasoned tradelines are ideal for authorized user tradelines. It is believed to help boost credit scores more than regular tradelines.

How much do seasoned tradelines cost?

Generally, the price range of tradelines varies depending on age and excellent credit limit. Seasoned tradelines are tradelines that are at least two years old. That said, legitimate companies charge a higher price for this type of tradelines. The longer it has been around, the more expensive it gets. If you’re looking at buying one, you must prepare for buying such a “premium” product.

But, the good thing is, it’s not a one price fits all. Tradeline companies charge differently from one another. Some companies charge less than $500 while others sell them for over $1,000. In our case, Coast Tradelines provide the most competitive prices in the industry. If you want to know more about the seasoned tradelines we offer, contact us today.

Where to buy seasoned tradelines?

Many reputable tradeline companies sell authorized user tradelines out there. You will indeed find seasoned tradelines that can help improve your credit profile. We at Coast Tradelines offer a wide selection of seasoned tradelines to choose from. Rest assured, these are legit tradelines from legit primary cardholders. As mentioned earlier, seasoned tradelines are more expensive than regular or newer tradelines. Thus, you should be prepared to pay for them. But, with our company, you get the best prices you will find anywhere.

How much better can a credit score get from these tradelines?

It depends on the items of your annual credit report and the tradelines being chosen. It doesn’t matter what situation, the credit score will never go down after purchasing an authorized user tradeline. On the other hand, clients’ credit scores may change little or not at all. Each client is unique, and the financial services firm must formulate a plan that will best benefit your score. One definite scenario would be that if you have no previous credit score and decide to purchase an authorized user tradeline, your credit score will most likely be in the positive score zone.

Is it legal to buy seasoned primary tradelines?

There are two things to address here. First, buying a primary tradeline or seasoned primary tradeline is illegal. You may find some people do that, but that is unacceptable by the law. You can get primary trade lines for free from companies for credit cards instead.

Second, what is acceptable by the law is buying authorized user tradelines. You can buy them from a reputable company that acts as a bridge between you and the primary or seasoned primary account holders. Buying authorized user tradelines is becoming a popular choice. It’s true, especially among those who need some credit score boosting. As you know, having a high credit score makes it easier for you to loan money from banks and other financial institutions.

While some financial institutions have their restrictions to it, buying authorized user tradelines is legal. Once you become an authorized user, the primary account holder’s credit history will reflect in your credit record. 


Primary tradelines and seasoned tradelines have their respective benefits and downsides. To help you choose which one’s right for you, here’s a quick rundown of primary and seasoned tradelines’ pros and cons:


  • Primary tradelines are free.
  • You can easily open a primary tradeline from your preferred bank or credit card company.
  • Primary tradelines are legal.
  • You can have as many primary tradelines under your name for as long as you are a responsible credit card user.
  • A primary tradeline can be a stepping stone towards boosting your credit score.
  • You can add authorized user tradelines to improve your credit record.
  • Credit cards are the best type of primary tradelines as they’re open-ended.
  • Authorized user tradelines are legal.
  • You can buy authorized user tradelines from reputable tradeline companies like Coast Tradelines.
  • Seasoned primary tradelines are tradelines with years of credit history.
  • Seasoned tradelines can be very helpful in boosting an authorized user’s credit record.


  • Having too many primary tradelines may not help boost your creditworthiness.
  • Buying primary tradelines is unacceptable. You may be charged for fraud or identity theft.
  • There is an increasing number of credit card scams.
  • Authorized users find seasoned tradelines more expensive.
  • A tradeline must be at least two years old to be considered as seasoned or aged.
  • Seasoned tradelines with bad credit history won’t help boost credit.

Which are better – Primary or Primary Seasoned Tradelines?

It depends on what you need at the current moment. You can find yourself in two scenarios: either you have no existing payment history and no credit score, or you have several credit card accounts but need a boost. If you have no previous credit score, then it is best to get a primary tradeline, this way, you can get an established score to work off. You can get these by opening credit cards at banks and just getting any credit card with your name on it.

Meanwhile, if you already have a history and would need a boost, it is better to get an authorized user tradeline. We particularly recommend buying a seasoned tradeline to gain years of the payment history added to your report. Thus, help boost your credit score. This is usually better when you have already gained some primary tradelines, such as young credit cards with low limits.


Coast Tradelines is a reputable tradeline company based in the USA and has been in the tradeline industry since 2010. We offer a wide selection of authorized user tradelines, including seasoned tradelines. Our company understands the importance of authorized user tradelines. Thus, we provide nothing but the best choices. The industry is growing, and there are always new companies coming out promising the world but failing to deliver. As a company, we put our customers’ best interests in mind. That is why we work very hard to give you the best prices you will find.

Apart from providing quality and competitive authorized user tradelines, we have a team of industry experts to provide you with the essential information you need. We know some people are not too familiar with how all these work. While it can be intimidating, as long as you have the right information, you will succeed. If you are one of them, contact us anytime during business hours, and let’s discuss your options.


One thing that primary tradelines and seasoned tradelines have in common is they can help boost your credit score. Opening a primary tradeline is a big step towards building your credit record. It’s great for people who have no credit at all yet. What’s good about it is that as long as you pay monthly payments on time, your credit score should be great. Applying for a primary tradeline is free. All you need is to choose the right bank or credit card company for you. Meanwhile, seasoned tradelines can be very helpful for authorized users. Seasoned tradelines can help boost the credit score of authorized users by adding them as users.

While both have the same purpose, choosing which direction to take will be all up to you. That is why knowing what your account needs is very crucial. It will give you a clearer picture of tradeline will work to achieve your goal.