What is a Primary Tradeline?

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A primary tradeline is an account on a credit report in the name of the principal account owner. Some people think buying a seasoned tradeline is an excellent way to increase their credit score. However, purchasing an aged tradeline is a complex process. It is best to open an account in your own name or become an authorized user on a family member’s account. You also have the option of using a reputable service to purchase a legitimate tradeline on your behalf. You want to work with a reputable company, or you should face severe legal and financial risks. Here is everything you need to know about purchasing primary tradelines: 

What Can A Primary Tradeline Be?

A primary tradeline is a credit card, auto, or personal account in your own name. You already have a primary tradeline if you have a mortgage or installment loan in your name. Aged tradeline owners are responsible for making payments, or their credit score will suffer. Your account will become a seasoned tradeline once it has been in good standing for an extended period of time. 

Primary account owners can add authorized users to their credit accounts. It is common for people to add a spouse or child to their credit card accounts to legally make purchases. Account activity typically shows up on the credit report of the authorized user. You are essentially piggybacking off the primary account holder. Becoming an authorized user of an account in good standing is an excellent way to establish a positive credit history. 

Are Primary Tradelines Legal?

Most people have credit in their own names. It is perfectly legal to have a primary tradeline in your own name. However, problems can arise if you want to buy a tradeline in which you are not an authorized signer. Some companies specialize in selling primary tradelines to people for a fee. 

It is essential to know the difference between primary and authorized user tradelines. You must pay a fee if you want to be added to a primary account’s tradeline. Many people do this to improve their credit or establish a solid credit history quickly. Buying a tradeline is legal as long as it is done through a reputable company. 

Being an authorized user on an account is not the same as buying a primary tradeline. Authorized users are noted on credit reports and do not gain the same benefits as primary account holders. Buying access from an experience tradeline company is a good option for people who cannot or do not want to be added as an authorized user to an account. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Primary Tradeline?

The cost of purchasing a seasoned tradeline depends on multiple factors. You can get a primary tradeline at no charge by using your own credit to open an auto loan or credit card. If you want to buy an authorized user account, the price will depend on the credit limit and the age of the account. 

The best primary tradelines have been open for several years and have a high credit limit. These accounts will list you as a primary account owner and not an authorized user. Some tradelines may be sold for $50, while the best accounts can go for $1,000 or more. However, risks are involved if you are not working with a legitimate company. Make sure you work with a reputable company with experience in the industry. 

What Are the Advantages of Buying Seasoned Tradelines? 

While there are some risks associated with buying seasoned tradelines, there are also some benefits. Here are some advantages of buying an aged tradeline:

  • Access to credit: Many of the biggest banks and auto loan companies will not extend credit to individuals with no credit history or a low score. Buying a tradeline can increase your score and give you more credit opportunities. 
  • Qualify for lower interest rates: Having a low score or no credit history often means high-interest rates. Buying a tradeline can increase your score and help you qualify for lower interest rates. Having a lower rate can save you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan. 
  • Get an apartment: Most landlords and property managers run credit checks on potential tenants. It is difficult to qualify for housing if you have bad or limited credit. Buying a seasoned tradeline can quickly help you establish a credit history if you need accommodations.
  • Get a better job: Many jobs, especially in the finance industry, require a credit screening as part of the applicant process. Buying a tradeline could increase your chances of getting a job in a competitive industry.
  • Qualify for a mortgage: A solid credit report with many aged tradelines is often necessary to get a mortgage. Even if you have a high credit score, you may not be seen as reliable if you have a short account history.
  • Get a security clearance: Many jobs with the U.S. government and contractors require a security clearance. An integral part of receiving a clearance is a comprehensive financial review. It can be tough to be granted a clearance if you have bad credit or limited credit history for your age. 

There are many benefits of having a high credit score. While buying a tradeline can temporarily help your score, opening your own accounts is always the best option. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Buying Seasoned Tradelines? 

While it seems like an ideal solution, buying aged tradelines has disadvantages. These drawbacks include:

  • No access to credit: Buying a tradeline with a high credit limit does not give you access to any credit. You can only make purchases if you are an authorized user.
  • Possibility of fraud: Not all companies that sell tradelines are reputable. You are putting yourself at serious risk if you work with a company with a questionable history. Doing adequate research before working with a seller is vital.
  • Some creditors dislike the practice: Most top creditors know that people buy seasoned tradelines to increase their credit scores. If you are listed as the primary account holder or authorized user on a seasoned account that does not match your overall credit history, Creditors may become suspicious. 

Another disadvantage is that tradelines are temporary. Even though most seasoned accounts will not help your score forever and will not increase your score after it is closed.