FAQs about Our Authorized User Tradelines

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Funding your Coast Wallet

We have numerous ways for you to fund your account! You can make a deposit into any of our company accounts or transfer money online through Zelle funds. Find all the details HERE.

We are contractually obligated by our cardholders to only secure lines that have been fully funded. If your line does not post, we will grant a refund up to 100% of the price paid.

If you need to withdraw your funds, complete our withdrawal form HERE.
We’ll need the following information:

  • Amount of Withdrawal
  • Payee name on the check
  • Mailing address to receive check

We will issue a check via regular mail within one week of receiving your request.

Our refund policy is as follows:

  • Proof of non-posting (a 3-bureau credit report) must be provided no earlier than 1 week after the statement date and the issue must be resolved no later than 4 weeks after the statement date.
    • For tradelines that do not require “Special Address” to post:
      • If the tradeline posted to one bureau or no bureaus at all, a full refund will be granted
      • If it posted to two bureaus or to all three, no refund will be granted
    • For tradelines that require “Special Address” to post:
      • If it posts to EX and TU, no refund is granted
      • If it posts to EX or TU only, a 50% refund is granted
      • If it posts to EQ and one other bureau (EX or TU), a 50% refund is granted
      • If it posts to EQ only, a full refund is granted

Ordering Tradelines

For maximize acceptance, please make sure to:

  • Have funds in your Coast Wallet
  • Enter all of the client’s information accurately into the application
  • Submit and upload all required documents
The most common reasons why an application gets rejected is because an order was not funded within the 24 hour grace period, the required documents were not uploaded, or there was an issue with the submitted SSN/CPN.

We require documentation for Citi and Discover tradelines due to increased security at these banks. Documents must be attached to your order application, or your order will be cancelled.
Here are the required docs:

  • Citi: SSN card
  • Discover: SSN card & Driver’s License
Prices are different for different tradelines because of their Credit Limit and Age. This is because a line with a lower limit or younger age will not have as big of an impact as line with a higher limit and older age. We offer a variety of different lines to suit each client’s unique needs.

We will send out an email announcing the exact date and time of the next AU launch. Make sure you have subscribed to our email list.

Posting Tradelines

A “Special Address” is simply a mailing address that you must temporarily use in place of your own to get tradelines from certain banks to post. This involves lines from Chase, Discover, Wells Fargo, and a few smaller banks. There are two ways to post these lines. You can either initiate a “hard pull” on your credit monitoring account such as Experian.com or Transunion.com.

All AU tradelines are ready to post 1-2 weeks after the listed statement date and will stay posted for at least 30 days after the statement date.

Several of our lines post to all 3 bureaus. However, lines that require a special address typically have challenges posting to Equifax. This includes lines from Ally, Amazon, Chase, Comenity, Discover, Fidelity, GE Capital, GM, Marvel, Merrick, Synchrony, US Bank, Wells Fargo, WFB, and Zions Bank. If Equifax posting is important to you we recommend that you do not order any of these lines.

Due to the very dynamic nature of this business, there are many factors beyond our control that can cause a line to post improperly or occasionally not at all. Sometimes these have to do with issues on the cardholder end and sometimes they are due to issues with the client’s credit file. What we can guarantee is that if there are any issues with posting and they are brought to our attention in a timely manner, we will always evaluate the problem and assess a refund for the order as quickly as possible.

If your tradeline does not post, please fill out our Non-Posting Form and we will get back to you ASAP. For expedited service, make sure that you provide your credit monitoring information and double-check that the login credentials are accurate.

Everything Else

Yes! Using AU tradelines to boost your credit is a perfectly legal process. Parents routinely add their children as authorized users to assist in credit building. And now, we’ve given you and your clients access to the process!

Use the “Contact” link! We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

No, we do not sell CPN’s. However, we are able to add tradelines to CPN’s.

Absolutely! Valid CPN’s may be submitted for all banks except for Citi and Discover.

Yes! We can let you know if your CPN is clean here: Coast Validations.

Yes! We can let you know if your CPN is clean here: Coast Validations.