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Our credit is your credit.

A “tradeline” simply refers to a credit card and its information and activity.

(Like when parents add their child as a user on their credit card, using Authorized User (AU)
tradelines instantly add good history, increased limits, and a higher credit score)

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We act as the liaison and partner with individual credit card holders to temporarily authorize you as a new user. This means, their credit is now your credit and you can qualify for your financial goals

What Are Tradelines?

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Since 2010, our dedicated team has worked to provide reliable, affordable help so you can take control of your financial future.
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We partner with 200+ cardholders to give you and your clients access to one of the largest AU inventories in the market

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We’ll verify and communicate with you every step of the way.

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Client Testimonials

Testimonials are actual customers

"I would like to say that Coast Tradelines is awesome. Not only did they make me aware of some issues l had with my CPN's, but they also helped me resolve the issues and refunded my tradeline right away! They are an awesome company to do business with!"
S. Mendez,
Frisco, TX
"When my client’s new tradeline didn’t show, I submitted a form and within 24 hours, Coast Tradelines refunded the fee and I was even able to add a better tradeline for less."
B. Jackson,
Los Angeles, CA
"My client's last tradelines posted 3 days after ordering. Coast Tradelines has the most reasonable prices and fast-posting lines in the industry! Very professional customer service as well."
L. Harris,
Cleveland, OH
"I had a couple questions about tradelines and received a quick response. I've been using Coast Tradelines for a couple years now and they are hands down the best source for AUs."
S. Mendez,
Frisco, TX

Our Sample Tradeline Prices

Here’s a sample of our tradelines to give you an idea of our inventory and pricing.


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Credit Limit:
Issuance Year:


Credit Limit:
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Wells Fargo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coast Tradelines accepts in-person bank deposits for new customers. More information can be found at

CoastTradelines only offers secure lines to users who have fully funded their accounts according to our contractual agreement with cardholders. We also offer a 100% refund guarantee to users if their lines do not post.

Two factors affect your credit, your income, and credit score. An authorized user tradeline is the only legal way to boost your credit score. Users with a $10,000 a year income but with a perfect credit score of 800 may be unable to purchase a home.

Buying a tradeline and tradelines for sale has been a safe and effective way to boost tradelines. Although sometimes buying tradelines can be deemed in the gray area with the lender, they are not illegal. Also, it may be viewed as unreliable by lenders and major credit reporting agencies. If you are new to this, we recommend asking for financial advice from our credit experts first.

In general, a tradeline can stay on your credit report for seven years or more. But, it can also fall off in as short as 60 days. It is essential to know that the information in your tradeline helps determine your credit score. The removal of credit tradelines, especially if they’re good ones, can affect your credit score.

Like the credit industry, the tradeline industry has been growing over the years. A tradeline has many purposes. For credit reporting agencies, it is used to describe credit accounts that are listed in one’s credit report. It includes all the information necessary for lenders to assess a person’s capability for a loan. Tradeline also affects credit scores — for both individuals and businesses. The majority of the people who buy a tradeline purchase one to help improve their credit score standing. As you know, a good credit score means easier applications for credit or loans.

Yes, it can help you purchase your dream house if you borrow money through conventional or Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. Conventional loans require at least three tradelines. It has to be a combination of credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, student loans, etc. These loans have to be active within the 12-24 months before applying the conventional loan. Meanwhile, you need at least two tradelines to qualify for an FHA loan.

It would be best if you had a good credit score to qualify for an auto loan. Lenders will look into your credit report, as reported by one of the three major credit bureaus, to see if you have a positive credit history. If you have low credit or are working on a good credit score, tradelines for sale can be an excellent idea. Buying a tradeline could help increase your chances of a car loan approval.

Yes, a tradeline can help improve your credit score and general personal finances for as long as you buy it from a legitimate company. In most cases, buying a trade line will help increase your credit score by 40-45 points. Buying more accounts means a more considerable increase in your credit score. A tradeline is not only beneficial for individual consumers. It can also help improve a business credit score.

Yes, you can definitely buy authorized user tradelines. There are tradelines for sale offered by several third-party service providers. They come with a fee, and the prices of each tradeline vary. While some are affordable, others can reach thousands of dollars. Once purchased, the tradeline will be in your credit report for up to 60 days until, eventually, you are taken off as an authorized user.

There are several tradelines for sale out there, and there are many ways you can buy one to help boost your credit score. It all depends on the tradeline company you choose to buy a tradeline from. We at Coast Tradelines make things easier for you. You can buy a tradeline from us by simply making a completely risk-free deposit. We have an impressive list of tradelines for sale and packages to choose from.

There is no limit as to how many tradelines you can buy. But, it is essential to know when to stop because adding too many can affect your credit score in the long run. Also, it is best to have one of our experts guide you in choosing which trade line to buy. There are many options available and several types of authorized user credit tradelines to choose from. Selecting the right one for you can get overwhelming sometimes. So, to maximize the benefit of the tradeline you are buying, it is best to consult and ask for financial advice from one of our tradeline experts.

While there is no specific minimum number of tradeline you can purchase, the safest would be three at most. While not confirmed, there are hearsays about financial institutions (specifically banks) that flag a credit report with more than three tradelines. Flagging means getting your credit profile at risk. 

 In some cases, buying a single tradeline can be more beneficial to you. Some of the instances wherein buying one tradeline is enough includes when you are:

  • Aiming for an additional credit limit
  • Hoping to improve your credit score
  • Lacking funds to buy an additional tradeline

 Meanwhile, purchasing more tradelines may benefit you when:

  • You have a low credit file or no credit account at all.
  • You need to improve your credit score immediately.
  • You’re rebalancing your credit history because of a derogatory account.
  • You want to boost your credit score.

In general, a tradeline reports within 4-10 business days. The reporting depends on the bank that handles the account on the back end. It reflects as soon as the first among reporting cycles. Meanwhile, for a seamless process, it is best to find a trusted and reliable wholesale tradeline service provider such as our company, Coast Tradelines. With the kind of service we offer, we ensure rapid improvement to your credit score. Our tradeline selection meets essential criteria and guidelines that will help ensure your credit is in good standing.

Many tradeline companies offer tradelines for sale. But, before purchasing, it is crucial to do a background check on the tradeline company you are eyeing. Make sure to investigate the company’s reliability, years of service, ethics, and the price of its tradelines. It is also vital to look into the safety and compliance aspects and the customer service they provide their customers. Check customer reviews, or ask for referrals from family and friends who have bought a tradeline in the past. 

The best way to sell a tradeline is through tradeline brokers or a third-party tradeline company. There are many tradeline companies, yet few are as reliable as Coast Tradelines. While you can buy a tradeline from us, you can also offer tradelines for sale for those needing an improved credit score. Selling tradelines means adding an authorized user to your credit card account for a fixed amount. The amount one earns from selling a tradeline varies. You can earn as much as $50 up to $275 per tradeline. The amount will depend on the bank, the age of the credit card, and the credit limit. 

Experts have suggested that the best tradelines have the highest credit limit, oldest age, perfect payment history, or the lowest price. Others even say that the more tradelines you buy, the better chances of improving your credit score.

In the tradeline industry, there are what we call “seasoned tradelines”. This refers to a credit account that has aged for a certain period. To be considered as a seasoned tradeline, the trade line has to be at least two years old. Since age can be a factor to help improve your credit profile, having a seasoned tradeline improves your chances of achieving your target credit score.

For an individual, buying a tradeline is a smart strategy to improve your credit report. It helps overhaul a bad credit score to reach your financial goals. Having an increased credit score would make it easier to loan money from banks and other lending companies. Meanwhile, a tradeline is essential for building business credit because it has all the information about your credit history. It shows how you managed past credit, which could help build and enhance your financial reputation.

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